Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners – TI-H Multi-Frequency

Techspan have been supplying Elma Ultrasonic cleaners for over 20 years.

ELMA Ultrasonic Cleaners – Reliable, powerful and efficient ultrasonic cleaners – manufactured in Germany.

Ultrasonics for cleaning is being used across a wide range of industry sectors – Aviation, Industrial, Medical, Jewellery, Dentistry, Laboratories… to name a few.

When a customer is considering ultrasonic cleaning, he usually wants to be sure of the effectiveness to the specific application. To help, Techspan offers a cleaning trial service where we can ensure correct cleaning fluids, solution temperatures, cycle times and a number of other factors are considered.

Here are a couple of video clips showing two different cleaning trials.

Video: Elmasonic TI-H Multi Frequency cleaning trial