Techspan Motorsport New Zealand Limited

Techspan Motorsport New Zealand Limited is a division of Techspan New Zealand Limited, and part of the Techspan Group of companies.

Techspan Motorsport New Zealand Limited markets our range of specialized machinery & equipment to the Motorsport and Automotive Industries in New Zealand.


Techspan supply high technology industrial products recognized for very high quality and innovative design. Our market leading products provide our customers with technological and economic advantages.

Many of our products are world leading brands, sourced directly from manufacturers in Europe.


We offer precision engineered products for the highest possible functionality and reliability. Wherever possible our machinery products are modular, providing a flexible and logical solution for our customer’s requirements, as well as cost advantages, ease of maintenance and servicing. Precision engineering and innovative design can be seen in our products every day, from the Engel tie-bar-less injection moulding machines, to our FEA computer designed ultrasonic sonotrodes, and the precision slitting of our thermal transfer ribbons


Techspan has supplied quality, high technology industrial products since January 1979. We are a privately owned family company, sensitive to the requirements and expectations of our customers and suppliers.

Our staff bring to our organization a wealth of experience and expertise in materials and processing technology – providing our customers with the benefit of expert applications engineering advice and product knowledge.

Our motorsport products are being used on our racing team pursuits with Thtguy Drift (aka Jake Fastnedge – grandson of our Founder).


Our technology partners offer products considered to be the best on the planet. The needs in the Motorsport industry are for high technology which is reliable. Light weight, strong materials and advanced technologies can make help to make the difference where it counts. Our technology partners fit these requirements to the letter –

Staubli Motorsport Connection Solutions – 
With Staubli connectors and fueling devices, performance and safety always come first. We offer a complete range of clean break connection solutions, including couplings designed to be high pressure resistant, vibration resistant, shock resistant and fuel and oil resistant. Our products integrate anti-pollution features, lightweight materials and compactness, making them ideally suited to the demands of motorsports.

Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners & Steam Cleaners –

Different metals, hybrid metals or specific substrates can be cleaned using ultrasonics. In the fields of motorsport / Automotive our machines will produce flawless cleaning of Carbs, pumps, fittings, filters, injector nozzles, lifters, valves..  – Germany precision from Elma.

BAK-AG Plastic Welding Tools –

Manufactured in Switzerland, BAK-AG manufacture industrial equipment for Plastic Welding of Automotive plastic components. All equipment complies to DVS worldwide welding standards set by the Swiss/German DVS Joining Society. High grade materials and high technology for trouble free plastics welding & repair. In New Zealand and Australia we supply this equipment under the Techspan brand.