MSC CHALLENGE New Zealand 2022

Drift Academy and Meremere Drift Park run the MSC Challenge NZ Championship in conjunction with Formula Drift Japan and MSC Japan.
MSC Challenge was started back in 2006 in Japan by Kazuhiko Iwata who also founded Formula Drift Japan series. MSC Challenge focuses on the “Fun Comp” for drifters with all skill levels, very soon it has become very popular among the drifters in Japan. Through MSC challenge, drivers progress their skills in a fun and fairly level playfield.

MSC Challenge is a feeder series to the top tier competition Formula Drift Japan, where top drivers will be awarded with Formula Drift Japan driver licence.

MSC NZ awards the series champion with a Formula Drift Japan 2 Licence.

It’s our pleasure to have the founder Iwata-san and Formula Drift Japan judge Robbie Nishida fully behind our events. The event will be live-streamed online so this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills to them and the world!

For the double final Round 3&4 we will also have Formula Drift Japan bossman Iwata-san, and Robbie Nishida FD and FDJ judge coming over to New Zealand and judge the events.

Diary Thtguy Drift from MSC Challenge 2022
Round 1

First qualifying run was an 84 left me sitting 1st for a little bit but then finished qualifying in 3rd place, and what a feeling that was!

Into battles, made it all the way to top 4 against Jordan Joyce spinning on my lead sadly but had the time of my life!!
Leaving me in 3rd place for round 1!
Round 2
R2 completed Thtguy Drift In the Techspan Motorsport New Zealand Limited GT86 LS3 Widebody 86s As he leaves the line up before the top 16 battles leaving a nice cloud trail.
Round 3 & Round 4 (Double header weekend)
Qualifying equal with Jordan Joyce with a score of 88. Putting me to Q2 as Jordan had a higher score in our first qualifying laps.
Top 16 battle against Kurtis, Taking the Win with my clean lead and safe chase.
Top 8 battle against Nathan Williams in the white laurel. Had a good battle there and took the W again and through to the top 4!
Top 4 battle against Shaun Potroz with a clean lead apart from small wheel drop twice, and a good chase run, the judges gave me the win and through to the top 2 against Jordan Joyce, we had an amazing first battle and went OMT. Over rotations just before the end of the section Jordan took the win and went on to win the series and took the Formula DRIFT JAPAN 2 licnese!
Congratulations to Jordan, for 1st place round 4, and series winner, Shaun Potroz for 3rd place in round 4 and second place in the series, and massive shout out to Reid & Harrison Performance – RHP s14 driver Clayton Dalley for taking 3rd place in the series over me by a single point!!
Round 4 was a blast and I can’t wait to drive with some of these lads again!!
Huge thank you to Sky Zhao , Iwata-san , Robbie Nishida Robbie Kiester Nishida the MSC staff and all the other drivers!
Thank you to my Sponsors & Awesome Crew :

Huge thanks to Darren Kelly Darren Kelly Drift for setting the car up, giving me things to focus on and work on.

Massive thanks to my crew, Jared Wemyss Shaun Smith Benji Atchison Luke Mckinnon for having the car sussed and supporting me !
Massive congratulations to all the Drivers !
Thanks to Sky Zhao and all the MSC staff for a great event.