Heating Elements for Hot Air Plastic Welding Tools – Range Extended

Techspan New Zealand – Heating Elements for Hot Air Plastic Welders – Range Extended

If you are using an Industrial Hot Air tool, whether it is employed for Plastic Welding, or some type of industrial heating application, then chances are you will find a replacement Heating Element from Techspan’s online plastic welding tools e-commerce web shop.

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Being competitive in today’s global market means working smarter. Techspan are helping to do just that – to keep costs down by using ‘smart technology’

“Our e-commerce web shops allows us to keep pricing of high quality products down”, says Tim Fastnedge (Techspan Marketing Director). “As a result we are open all day, everyday, thanks  to our comprehensive plastic welding tools web shop.”

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The plasticweldingtools.co.nz website also offers instructional welding videos, and “how to” weld plastics information.

Techspan plastic welding tools are manufactured in Switzerland by BAK-AG, Innovative design & precision engineering for trouble free plastic welding.

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