Techspan Plastic Welding Tools sponsor Midget Racing car for the Australian / New Zealand Midget racing season 2013/2014

Automotive plastics repairs can be effectively repaired using Techspan plastic welding tools, so it was a logical idea for Techspan to support the cause.

Car owner, Wayne Scott Panelbeaters (one of our customers), has been racing midgets for years. Wayne expressed his huge passion in the sport to Techspan’s Marketing Director.


  • Nathan Smee
  • Current Australian POWRI  Midget Car Champion
  • Current Australian Test Team Captain
  • Previous Australian Speed Car Champion


  • No. 1 Aust  (Owner: Wayne Scott Panelbeaters Ltd)
  • USA Spike Chassis
  • Powered by 166Ci Billet Block Eagle Engine (Builder: Autospeed Engineering)


  • 30/11/13 – Western Springs debut
  • 14/12/13 – 40 Lap Classic
  • 26/12/13 –  25 Lap World Series (Western Springs)
  • 28 /12/13 – 30 Lap World Series (Western Springs)
  • 1/1/14 – 40 Lap World Series (Western Springs)
  • 4 /1/14 – 50 Lap World Series (Western Springs)
  • 15 /1/14 – Barry Butterworth 40 Lap Classic

The Midget racing car debuted at Western Springs last weekend (Nov 30th, Dec 1st), where rain saw the Saturday night postponed till the weather day (Sunday, 1st Dec).

Video : Highlights 1st Dec 2013