Japan 2023

After winning two podiums and finishing 4th overall in the MSC Challange 2022 for Jake Fastnedge (a.k.a Thtguy Drift).. and some encouraging words from the Formula Drift Japan boss Iwata-SanLong, it was decided Japan was a logical step. We booked a 2 week trip together with the Drift Academy International, which included track time at Ebisu Circuit.

While it was a tiring trip, it was pretty unforgettable. Formula Drift Japan is one professional motorsport event. Very inspiring, learning trip. Feels good to be close really.. as in how we are doing things at present in New Zealand. Our Drift crew did three days of driving at Ebisu Circuit. We met with legends of Drifting in Japan.. even I went drifting with them myself! One in a Maclaren Drift Car (only drift set up on the planet). People like Daigo Saito for one !

For a driver perhaps the ultimate experience drift trip. And a fantastic group we toured with. Our group itself held a high respect among those at the top everywhere we went. Gee we even had Fat Cat 🐈 😻. We made some new strong friendships too.

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