NEW Techspan Plastic Welding Tools e-commerce website

Save time, buy online – Techspan Plastic Welding Tools

Techspan Group reports on its brand new ‘mobile interactive’ website.   MOBILE-PHONE-TABLET

The new webiste is designed to keep up with the evolving world wide web –  and will perform regardless of whether you are on a Desktop PC or a mobile phone or tablet.  Easy site navigation thanks to an array of menu selections means the visitor can find exactly what they are looking for faster, and without having to squint to see it on your mobile phone or tablet.

Online Payment Options:

Customers are able to order and pay online and as you might expect with e-commerce, but Techspan’s site offers customers three payment methods.

1. Payment by Credit Card

2. Payment by Cheque

3. or Payment via Direct Credit

What about Plastic Welding Rod ?

Techspan’s new website also features a section covering a wide range of Thermo Plastic Welding Rods. Available in a wide range of profiles and colours.

Industrial Heaters – Hot Air Tools for Industry: 

Techspan’s new website also features a huge range of Industrial Heaters, or what some refer to as Heat Sources. These tools are available from 400 Watts up to a whooping 18 kW ! Ideal for Drying; Shrinking; Activating; Forming and much much more..

Packed with helpful information: 

The new website also offers visitors a wealth of knowledge and ‘how to’ instructional data..
How to weld thermo plastics with hot air  as one example.


Visit the new website today – check it out on your mobile phone or your Tablet.