Motorsport safety in the Pits with Staubli SAF 45 Refuel System

Staubli SAF 45  

It is approved by FIA, and in some Motorsport codes has become a requirement. It’s about improving safety during refuel in Pit Stops.

Used by F1, these systems have made pit refueling extremely safe. With an extra high flow rate, the SAF refueling system can fill a tank very quickly and minimize pit stops. Safety is guaranteed by a connection design that prevents any fuel release until the socket is fully connected to the plug. As an added safety feature, the SAF is also equipped with an FIA-approved dead man’s switch. Designed to be as light as possible, the SAF system is also very easy to handle.

The Staubli SAF 45 is a combination of the high-tech transfer nozzle, with a small volume bottle system. It means the device can be bought to the vehicle quickly and easily – and with such a fast transfer rate, with guaranteed non spill, the device brings the ultimate in Pit Refueling Safety on the planet.

If you want to see it in action, follow me as I compete in the 2022 D1NZ Pro Sport season, where we will be using the Staubli SAF 45 refuel system. Our team will show it off every time I refuel, said Jake Fastnedge (semi-professional drifter) 

Testing of the Staubli SAF 45 Fuel transfer system after installation