Stäubli has for many years been instrumental in delivering innovative solutions to the motorsport industry.
As a global provider of connection solutions for fluid and electrical applications, reliability has always been at the heart of the company’s DNA. Its products are tailored to deliver high-performance and reinforce safety for manufacturers.

The FIM Endurance Championship, World Cup and the promoter, Discovery Sports Events, have unanimously agreed to select Stäubli as the sole homologated supplier for fuel quick-fill systems for the FIM Endurance World Championship and World Cup.

As a result, from 2022 to 2026, the teams will utilise the SAF system. Recognised for its performance and reliability, the introduction of SAF 45 will ensure technical fairness whilst providing an overall reduction in cost.

Safe pit stop refueling system for cars and motorcycles on race SAF

With an extra high flow rate, the SAF refueling system can fill a tank very quickly and minimize pit stops. Safety is guaranteed by a connection design that prevents any fuel release until the socket is fully connected to the plug. As an added safety feature, the SAF is also equipped with an FIA-approved dead man’s switch. Designed to be as light as possible, the SAF system is also very easy to handle.

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