A new company has been formed to assist us in marketing a range of specialized equipment to the Motorsport/Automotive markets in New Zealand

Techspan Motorsport New Zealand Limited 

Motor sport in New Zealand can be traced back to 1901 when the Pioneer Cycle Club held a three-mile handicap race which included both motor bikes and cars. Since then it has developed and now almost all types of motor sport events are represented. Today Kiwi drivers are making their mark on the International Motorsport stage.

Over the next years part of the Techspan Group (Techspan Motorsport New Zealand Limited) will build a new production race car for a D1NZ Pro Sport sponsorship campaign – in combination with up-and-coming driver Jake Fastnedge (Grand son of Techspan’s founder Frank J Fastnedge), said Tim Fastnedge (Managing Director – Techspan Motorsport New Zealand Ltd)

Motorsport : Drifting 
This motorsport Category has traditionally formed a five round national competition with a mixture of tight & technical courses and faster, full throttle race circuits. In 2019 the Pro-Championship tour includes Wellington’s Max Motors Speedway, Trustpower Baypark in Tauranga, Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and Pukekohe Park Raceway.

D1NZ is a production car drifting series in New Zealand, a sanctioned championship under Motorsport New Zealand, the official FIA appointed governing body of motor-racing in New Zealand. It began early in 2003 as a small competition consisting of several drifting teams from all over the country in order to organize and regulate Drifting events in the country. Since then it has continued to grow larger and more professional, now involving professional teams and internationally ranked drivers.

The series consists of two national title competitions, the D1NZ Pro Championship and the D1NZ Pro-Sport Series. New competitors generally need to prove themselves in the Pro-Sport Series before progressing into the pro class, unless competing with an equivalent international license. Organizers aim to promote and educate Drifting in New Zealand, with a regulated safe environment.

Techspan Motorsport – Specialized Machinery & Equipment for the Motorsport & Automotive sector in New Zealand.